Should You Go For Paid Digital Marketing Course?

Sometimes we follow a path and we don’t know what is the destination!

Yes, this same condition applies for digital marketing courses. There are many institutions who claim that they are best in digital marketing training and they provide digital marketing jobs also.

But they are liars because no one tells you the reality of digital marketing and no one can provide you digital marketing jobs if you don’t have digital marketing knowledge.

Yes, it’s true.

The problem is that those Institute charge 20k to 60K for nothing.

If you really want to learn digital marketing then you should invest that money in your practical works and in some good learning resources.

Now question is, What is the process to learn digital marketing?

First, you should understand that digital marketing is not a rocket science.

It’s a very simple process and only you need to follow step by step.

What are the steps to learn digital marketing?

1- Select a topic of your interest.

Here the means of the topic is, Do you want to learn SEO, SEM, SMM or Email Marketing.

Now you are thinking that how will I select topic because I am the beginner.

So for this, you should read few digital marketing blogs like search engine land, search engine journal, social media examiner and watch you tube videos and then decide your interest.

2- Implement new learnings.

You should always implement all learnings into your blog or website. If you can generate traffic for your website then you can generate traffic for anyone.

3- Follow Influencers

Never hesitate to follow influencers and ask any question because they are influencers and they want to help you but problem is that people ask silly questions so always try to ask focused and meaning full questions.

4- Read Books.

See, we studied book from our childhood and never forget that books are the best friends. Many people will tell you that don’t buy books but I strongly recommend that buy books and read all step by step.

5- Stay Focused

It’s my personal suggestion that stays focused whatever you are learning in your life because any distraction can waste your time.

I hope you will save your money and will invest in good resources. I am suggesting you because I’ve wasted 60K in digital marketing course and best part is that I know each and every thing already what they taught me in that course because of my self-studies

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